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Little known secrets of Guaranteed Turnaround System for facilities of each size and type!!

NOTICE: Due to UNPARALLELED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, Clairsol, Inc. is at risk of losing if reports are not in time. Therefore Clairsol, Inc. is taking new clients only after very careful deliberation. Please fill out a Service Request Form and schedule a 30-minute consultation, which is normally scheduled within 1 week.

Services include:
1: Health Information System
2: Management + Consulting
3: Benchmarking
4: Clinical Documentation Improvement
5: Oncology
6: Coding Services
7: Dictation + Voice Recognition
8: Medical Records Special Projects

Health Information System:

o Guaranteed quality + Turnaround time
o ESign + Auto Faxing + Floor printing
o Toll-free dictation (ASP)
o 24/7/365 Help Desk Coverage
o Detailed + reconcilable invoices
o HIPAA Compliant
o Secure Client Portal

Management + Consulting:

o Interim HIM Management + Staffing
o Contract Management - long-term assignments
o Revenue Cycle Management - streamline billing process
o HIM Operational Assessments
o JCAHO Preparation


o Industry performance comparison
o Benchmark quality + Productivity + Cost
o Comprehensive auditing
o "Best Practices" identification

Clinical Documentation Improvement:

o Guaranteed to reduce existing Health information system costs
o Employs "Best Practices"
o Improves both quality and turnaround time
o Contingency payment option

Oncology :

o Abstracting
o Total registry outsourcing - Certified Tumor Registrars (CTR)
o ACoS survey preparation
o System registry networking
o Operational assessment
o Cancer registry analysis

Coding Services :

o On-site coding
o Certified credentialed coders
o CAC based remote coding
o DNFB Analysis + trending

Dictation + Voice Recognition :

o Complete integration
o Voice Digital Dictation
o Text analysis Software
o Speech recognition

Medical Records Special Projects :

o Loose report filing
o Chart completion
o Purge projects
o Document scanning
o Assembly & Analysis


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