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How to get your reports in time, like daily newspaper, ALWAYS , in time, while reducing cost by 25-40%?

Dear Healthcare professional:

After analyses of more than 125 hospitals and health care facilities across the country, I found that most of the hospitals suffer inconsistent or unacceptable turnaround.

CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE TURNAROUND is a tough job and deserves special attention, may be more than what you're able to give.

You are busy. Preoccupied with work. Aggravated by budget, expenditures, expansion plans, regulations….who has the time or energy to even think about “report turnaround”?

But if you ignore your turnaround problem, this is what you have to look forward to:

Pain and agony of helplessness, when you have to plead your transcriptionist to type an extra hour as “if you are working for her”. Your professional reputation is at her mercy...

So what? You can marshal your back-ups. Guess what? Back up isn't there. She has taken a day-off. Now your backlog is piling up like a garbage dump, increasing with every passing hour...

For you, I have a solution. What if, you could get

1: All Reports within your turnaround time GUARANTEED or reports typed free.

2: All Reports go directly in your Hospital Information System (HIS) .

3: All Reports Medico-legally verified by 3-tier Quality Control System .

4: 30-45% cost reduction.

But how do we do all this!! And that too in so less ???...Lets See:

Please notice:

“If your report is not typed within the AGREED TURNAROUND TIME of your dictation, we'll type it free”.

How do we do that?

I went on a mission to study different health care facilities all across the country. The “system” I've developed over the last seven years delivers powerful results for healthcare facilities of all sizes and types.

The incredibly resilient and reliable “Guaranteed Turnaround System” , functions like clockwork:

It has:

• Huge pool of full time transcriptionists!!

• All transcriptionists logged in and NOT SITTING at homes as PSEUDO BACKUPS .

3 times the number of transcriptionists required by your account, are trained in your normals, templates, your hospital's system, physicians' style and most-used phrases.

That's why I made the GUARANTEED TURNAROUND OFFER WITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . I am not nuts. I won't have done it, if I had slightest doubt about the SYSTEM.

Your experience as a medical records director, radiology administrator or healthcare executive can radically change for the better in only a few months time, simply by learning my system. I invite you to explore my website, and request my FREE 5 day course on “ SOLVING TURNAROUND PROBLEM FOREVER . It delivers 5 powerful bullets that bring late reports to an end.

Get “5 Days to Solving Turnaround Time Forever” Course

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Just fill out the contact form and my capable staff will make sure you get it right away.

P.S. You're probably thinking, "OK, so why is this guy giving away an course for free? Is it any good, or is it just a shameless sales pitch?"

There are several reasons why I'm giving this away:

1) There are lots of medical records director, radiology administrator or healthcare executive , maybe you - who wake up every morning and think "Oh, yuck... I've got to take care of that backlog of reports again, find which transcriptionist is off/on leave and arrange for a per diem... It's going to be a real grind." That's exactly how it was for many of our present clients.

2) Of course nobody's going to hire us unless they're convinced that I really know what I'm talking about. Please go through the FREE course and decide for yourself.

This is no sales pitch - it's solid information that you can use right away. I have a hunch you'll not only enjoy it but you'll probably pass it along to 3-4 other people, as others have done.

So Click here to request "FREE 5-day course on GUARANTEED TURNAROUND SYSTEM. " I promise you'll never think about report turnaround the same way again!


I am really impressed by accuracy of reports. Your transcriptionists seem to be very proficient in medical terminology. Whenever I need Clairsol?s help in getting reports earlier than agreed turnaround, the staff at Clairsol is very responsive.
Wilfrido Sy, M.D. Brooklyn Hospital Brooklyn, NY
I couldn?t think of a day in last six months when reports were not in time. I come in the morning and all reports are typed. I review your daily log spreadsheet, which has description of all reports and I am done.
K. Kazmierczak, Transcription Manager, Erie County Medical Center Buffalo, NY
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